Was having a conversation with friends a while ago about sundry topics, but mostly centering around this idea brought up by one of us expressed in┬áDialectic of Enlightenment (which I haven’t read). However, as someone who is currently studying colonialism and histories of Western imperialism, it’s an argument that is vaguely familiar– that Enlightenment values… Read More Pleiotropy

History Calling

I went to a panel featuring Dipesh Chakrabarty today, who is one of the few academics I get all starry-eyed about. The conversation also included several other really brilliant scholars, so it was a rich and engaging discussion. I didn’t take notes (bad decision), and all the thoughts and arguments are jumbled in my head,… Read More History Calling


we’re reading a bunch of arjun appadurai on diaspora and the cultural this week and his thoughts on the subject are horizon-broadening. I haven’t read much appadurai at all before, but from what i gather one of his main preoccupations is with the ways mass culture (mass media, but also i would say the medias… Read More Scapes

It’s Still Bad

That is a sentiment that comes up a lot when studying late colonialism that needs to be defended constantly. Certain actions taken under liberal imperialism– imperialism supposedly guided by liberal Enlightenment thinking– of the British raj, which I study a lot, necessitate it. The sentiment is dredged up when thinking about those historical instances in… Read More It’s Still Bad