I went to Paris with a companion, a whirlwind 3 day trip to a city both of us would experience for the first time. Subject position: Paris (what little I saw of it) is a beautiful city. Walking down the wide avenues of the left bank of the Seine, my companion exclaimed: Hegemonic knowledge: “We’re… Read More Beauty

Life Notes/Music

A few random reflections, scattered and incoherent since I’ve never been good at personal blogging. crafting a personal philosophy to motivate action is a slippery thing. what are we driven to “act” by, not speaking of external instigators like violations or cruelty? any one-concept explanation has to be overlaid with so many others, so each… Read More Life Notes/Music


(S) Should we be living in a religiously plural society, secularism requires that all religions should have the privilege of free exercise and be evenhandedly treated except when a religion’s practices are inconsistent with the ideals that a polity seeks to achieve (ideals, often, though not always, enshrined in stated fundamental rights and other constitutional… Read More Secularism


A couple of weeks ago, I was at a workshop on a fascinating subject (which I won’t detail here because it is grad student’s work, and I feel like such things should be kept private for their sake) where someone made a reflective statement along the lines of, “for me, these moments, the melancholic moments,… Read More Melancholias