we’re reading a bunch of arjun appadurai on diaspora and the cultural this week and his thoughts on the subject are horizon-broadening. I haven’t read much appadurai at all before, but from what i gather one of his main preoccupations is with the ways mass culture (mass media, but also i would say the medias… Read More Scapes

It’s Still Bad

That is a sentiment that comes up a lot when studying late colonialism that needs to be defended constantly. Certain actions taken under liberal imperialism– imperialism supposedly guided by liberal Enlightenment thinking– of the British raj, which I study a lot, necessitate it. The sentiment is dredged up when thinking about those historical instances in… Read More It’s Still Bad


I think I’ve resolved to make this year as much of a sustained educational/intellectual experience as I can, which means a certain measure of deliberation and self-centeredness in how I spend my time beyond classes and course readings. After all, anything I gain in a ‘horizon-broadening’ sense won’t be actionable for a while. That’s one… Read More Marches

Book Notes

Listening to Allan Faqir today while I did some work, and just came across this passage in Ayesha Jalal’s Self and Sovereignty: Individual and Community in South Asian Islam Since 1850 about the great Sufi saint and poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, whose poetry Allan Faqir sang/recited. Posting here for reference. In Sindh, the land… Read More Book Notes